Tuesday, June 24, 2008

artygirlz challenge 40 nature

im deathly allergic to bees, went outside and got bombarded by a huge family of them , once safely inside i noticed them taunting me from my craft room window.. so in protest i made a card :) plbbt! to them! :)


Julie said...

eek I don't like bees either I got stung on my foot once and nearly caused a car crash.............. but thats another story lol

Love the bees on your card though they are cute!

Thanks for joining in with Arty Girlz once again xx

kath said...

Love the card so cute and how brave of you to make a card with bees on it

Bev said...

This is gorgeous!

Barbara Hagerty said...

Very lovely card!

crissi said...

LOL at you and the bees. lovely card gorgeous colours.

Thanks for joining in with the Arty Girlz challenge.

crissi xx