Saturday, October 4, 2008

for caroles blog candy

my awesome friend carole has some super blog candy she's offering up .. go check that out HERE!! be sure to check out all her creations she is so full of talent!!! and shes truly a sweetheart.
these are pics for that of my daughter about 20 years ago.. her uncle is in the witch picture with her.. i thought he posed pretty good there :) the last one being about 3 or 4 years ago, i just thought it was cute that she still dresses a kitty on halloween even all these years later :) just love her to pieces! ps the girl on her right is her friend candace :)


Crayola58 said...

What precious photos. Thanks for entering the Blog Candy Challenge, Shelly. Hugs.

penny stock tips said...

very clever.

Bella and Aidee Mom said...

The bond you share with your daughter is so beautiful...It really shows through how much she means to you!!!!!...Your a great mom...Friends, Krista