Friday, October 28, 2011

paper cutz challenge # 115 leaves

happy friday :)  this week our challenge at PCC is turning over a new leaf..making a card or project using leaves, LOTS of them . AND no green or blue
i love leaves. i grew up in the beautiful upper peninsula of michigan and oh this time of year is so awesome! lots of maple and oak trees, my favorites. when i close my eyes and breathe in i can smell those wonderful trees and leaves even after all these years have passed. every single day... for 27 years..  ive regretted moving away from there to crappy ass california. 
ok so ill get my mind off  all that...;) 
                                                         this week i made a wreath
 i took a grapevine wreath and then cut out a bunch of leaves with my cuttlebug. when i started this i used ivory colored c/stock and was gonna ink em all up like usual.. but dontcha know i grabbed for my greens every single time!  so.. i went ahead and recut them all in colored paper. there was less frustration in that .. i have 50 or so pretty inked up leaves waiting to be used now. :)

i added colorbox fluid chalk to the leaves and some distress stickles.  the cute scarecrow is a brass stencil embosser..well it used to be an embosser til i smooshed it putting it in the machine wrong.. now i just set it down and run a pen through the stencil lines . it comes out looking  like a stamped image that i sloppily color in. the pumpkins are some my daughter gifted to me

 i added some crinkle ribbon, prima flowers and pulled apart some of the vine sticks and added self adhesive pearls and a couple of rhinestones.  really simple project but i think it turned out nice ;) 
thanks so much for having a look and as always your comments make me smile. happy fall! 
and happy crafting :) xxxshelly


NancyD said...

This is such a great project! So alive with shape and color. Great job! NancyD

Jani said...

Great job on the leaves. They look so realistic. Very pretty.


Stephanie said...

Gorgeous. Love all the fall vibrant colors:)

Staying Crafty said...

So beautiful! Great color and texture :)

DIANA L. said...

This wreath is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

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