Monday, March 6, 2017

knitted kitty kats

 i have a hard time knitting  i can crochet fine but for some reason just cant keep my tension consistent in knitting. i was searching the net for hints and came across loom knitting. i clicked on the link to and denise has had me hooked ever since! she has utube tutorials that get you through an entire project step by step. her itty bitty kitties are my favorite. heres my take on hers. for some of the tails i used a spool.

this one i used pipsqueak yarn. i used black for the tip of the tail. i didnt like how that turned out and fixed it with a thinner yarn. sorry i forgot to rephoto that. 

thanks for stopping by and checking out these adorable itty bittys :) 
happy crafting! shelly 

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