Thursday, May 18, 2017

cardztv mailbox smiles challenge #2

happy friday! we're onto another challenge with mailbox smiles design team over at cardztv. we're hoping you're loving our anything goes thing as much as we are! you are really wowing us with your awesome projects so keep them coming! 
you also have a chance at winning a cardztv stamp set when you join our fun challenge! how awesome is that! 

here's a lil some sumthing i made to hopefully inspire you a bit.

this was done using alcohol inks on a glossy tile. ya know those 16cent or so ones you can pick up at lowes or home depot type of store. 

for the background i just dropped some ink onto the tile and while holding the tile  moved it around in  different directions so it flowed. i added blending solution and more ink until i was satisfied. if youre just starting out with a/inks i suggest sticking with 3 colors, a red blue and green maybe. start small :) if you add too many different colors they may get looking muddy. if you dont like your end result just wipe the entire tile off with rubbing alcohol and start fresh. there's a ton of utube and other videos on pinterest you can check out. after it all dried, just about 2 minutes i drew a heart with pencil, then took my black chameleon alcohol pen and outlined that. you could probably use a sharpie marker for this too. 
 i then added a stamp from the "love ya" set.  you can click right ~here<~ and pick this fabulous set and  other fun sets . how easy did i make that for ya ;) 
 i really like how this turned out. not a "perfect" image but perfect for this project. make sense? 
look at all these cute sweet stamps! a must have :) 

thanks so much for stopping by your sweet comments always make me smile. thank you for that too! be sure to join our fun challenge we love when you do! happy crafting . 

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Linda said...

This is very cool. Love how bright the colors are. Linda DT