Wednesday, September 23, 2015

moss ball topiary

happy wednesday :) my daughter gave me some moss balls to play around with . heres what i did with one of them.

i made a moss topiary/fairy house
first i took a can and covered it in moss. it came in a sheet that i cut a little bigger than the size of can. after hot gluing it on i cut off the excess with scissors. i glued a coaster to the bottom so i could decorate the front door area with moss, mushrooms and stones. for the branch i painted a dowel and shoved it into the ball :) i also took some branch stuff and poked one end into ball and wrapped it around then pushed the other end into the ball. i used 3 or 4 pieces of branch stuff . you could get more bendable stuff from your craft store . i just try to  use what i have in my stash before spending more money.

i added some flowers, twigs and flowersoft to the moss ball and the moss covered can. for the door and windows i just colored pieces of unfinished wood with bic mark~it markers. then adhered with hot glue. 

for the mushrooms i again used markers and then dotted with acrylic paint. the wood pieces can be found at hobby lobby.

thanks so much for checking out my fun lil project. it only took about 1/2 hour to do and it would make a great gift if youre interested in trying this. have a great day xxxshelly 

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